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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Revival Fire: A new story begins

It's too much! Three years ago, it seemed this blog wasn't of much value. But things have changed. The revival fire in becoming more intense. The clock of God is advancing. Matthew 24:14 is being fulfilled before my eyes. Can I keep quiet in these circumstances?

It's too much to hold back. Even my own healing encounters with the God of Israel. The massive exploits of the God of Israel. What a time to be living. Such things have never been seen since the world begun. 

It's too much! That a true Prophet of the LORD, a Mighty Prophet at that, walks the earth at this hour. That I have the unmerited favour of standing before the LORD the way the leaders in the days of Josiah stood before Hulda the Prophet of God in those days. That I have had the most undeserving opportunity to see the Cloud of God, the pillar of cloud that covered Israel on the desert road.

It's too too much! To hear the words of the LORD fresh from His throne room spoken by His Most Mighty Prophet, speaking about the closing days of this age; about the abduction of time by the LORD's glory; about the eternal Dawn  of the Sun of Righteousness and Bright Morning Star. It's about a return to Ancient Paths of the Great Amen and the Ancient of Days. Time is winding down. The unexpected is about to happen. The unbelievable is already happening. It's so big, it chokes the human "processor", it burns it out, it crashes it, it hangs it. It's incomprehensible yet: here it is!

I have been an eyewitness to the might of the power of God. Seen countless cripples get up and walk. Countless ears pop open. Numerous eyes restored. HIV healed. Cancerous tumours dissolved. When did such events happen on the earth? Never. 

It's evidence of the times and the season. Surely you must prepare for the coming of the Messiah for a mature and holy church. Prepare diligently, the Lamb of God is on His way. You dare not be found unprepared.

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