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Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Flat Thought"

This phrase was invented on July 7th 2016. Today is "Saba Saba". I heard the sound of machine guns on that fateful day of 7-7-1990. The charged crowd was headed for Arthur Magugu's house in Kiambu probably to burn it down. The DC faced them off with a machine gun. Blood was spilled. But eventually a new constitution was born, 20 years later, bought with blood.

2,000 years ago, another spillage of blood occurred. The Son of Man spilled His blood for freedom. Freedom from slavery that leads to eternal "death". It is said that He came to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners. 

In the boundless extents of the human mind, there are enclaves of curiosity and query. Some have come to discourage adventures of thought. Today, I want to dismantle some of these mental shackles and remove the blinders so we may see beyond the next ridge in the terrain of intellect. Many minds have been captured by the subterranean philosophies of this hour and been fastened with unconscious prior commitments that imprison them in a well orchestrated cerebral dungeon.

Consider, for example,  biological "evolution", that has been taught for more than 100 years as fact. In reality it there is zero scientific evidence for this so-called theory. It is perhaps a philosophy, perhaps a fashion, perhaps a religion but definitely not a science. No species has ever transformed into another. It's pure fantasy. There are other even more controversial pseudo-sciences of the 21st century but let sleeping canines slumber for now.

Therefore, *Flat Thought* is the acquiescence and capitulation to forced believe in falsehood. Forced to believe lies in the name of science or political correctness. Materialism falls flat because it has no feet. The universe itself is 90% hidden and immaterial: Who can claim to know the unknowable. We can't even define time or life or sentience or love or joy or peace except in human terms. What of trees and mountains: what do they say love is? We are totally incapacitated by our physical and spiritual limits. And so the Son of Man came to set the captives free from the limits of the natural and of the hold of time and space. A freedom that is still incomprehensible but at THAT TIME shall become comprehensible because the boundaries of this existence shall be abolished. Happy Saba Saba day.

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