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Monday, August 24, 2009

Repentance Enters Nairobi

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I went. I heard. I saw.
Repentance has entered Nairobi Kenya at Kasarani thanks to the effort of a number of people with a special note of the Member of Parliament of Kasarani Hon. Elizabeth Ongoro. What irony! God's rules are inverse to our worldly expectations. A large number were healed even via radio. Testimonies will probably keep coming for days. I saw a lady on clutches fall then sit as though in a daze. She seemed to know that something had happened. She rose up with her hands raised but she was too far for me to hear her words and soon a mini-crowd gathered around her cheering and praising God. A man took the clutches and raised them up.
After the prophet of the Lord raised his left prophetic finger, prayed then asked those who were disabled to do what they could not do before, I saw a woman telling her child to talk. That in itself was incredible faith in the woman. The boy, probably about 11 years, would not talk. I saw the woman cover and close her eyes bowed slightly in prayer. I too talked to the Lord out of compassion for the boy had been looking at me earlier with a silent gaze as if he was curious about me. When I opened my eyes I saw the mother raise up the boy's hand in excitement. The boy had at last talked! What glory is this? I have never in my life seen this even in fiction.
On display were the items recently returned by those who had stolen them. These include a motorcycle, a car, various tools and weapons, mattresses, books... And the pictures are here to prove it.

Dear people, if you love yourself, consider your maker. He waits for you patiently to turn to Him and obey His LAST call to prepare the way for the Messiah. Soon it will be too late to make that decision and take action.

Remember the contemporaries of Mr. Noah? They watched him build a mighty boat. I imagine some were curious and many thought he had lost it. After all, why build a giant boat hundreds of miles from the sea? But there's one secret that Noah knew that even today many, in fact most, have not yet grasped: The LORD almighty has spoken and He will do exactly as He has said. Whether people believe it or not. And here's the message:
1. Kenya, repent for the day of the LORD is near. Abandon the teachings of the devil. Stop worshiping the baals. Leave the gospel of prosperity, you can't buy anointing or healing or the Holy Spirit. Run away from witchcraft, nakedness, sexual immorality, the way of the flesh. Stop the false prophecy. Turn to the LORD now before it is too late. Listen to the very grave message of His prophet.
2. For the rest of the world: The message is exactly the same as for Kenya. Judgment has already fallen in the form of hurricanes, wars, famine, earthquakes, tsunami, and economic collapse.
I speak as an eye witness. Never in my life have I seen tens sometimes hundreds of healings in a single weekend. It is the LORD's way of confirming His presence. Remember when Jesus sent His disciples into the land and promised that signs and wonders would follow them. This is God's signature.
If people are not being healed where you worship, be worried about that place. The LORD is not there!! Run to the LORD and worship Him in spirit and in truth. He is coming soon. He is coming soon. He is coming soon. What part of this don't you understand? The fourth seal of Revelations 6 is about to be opened and the darkness of tribulation will be poured out on this planet like a mighty flood. Plan not to be here at that time. The righteous of Christ will have been stolen from the earth by Christ Himself. Will you be among them?
Remember the declaration of the LORD in Isaiah 45: 2 used in a certain prophecy about Africa:
I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.
The gates of Nairobi have been broken. Crashed by the hand of the LORD. Repentance has entered the city. The worshipers of baal need to be worried because the LORD is coming to shake and burn their houses of worship.
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