Information about the coming rapture and the end of the Age. Eye-witness proclamations of the prophet of the Lord, Dr. Edward Owuor.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


A mighty national repentance meeting for Kenya will be held at Nakuru from 27th March 2009 to 29th March 2009 at the Nakuru Showground (former IDP camp). The LORD has commanded repentance from the King to the least of the people. If Kenya does not repent, God’s judgment will follow yet again. The venue will be announced. Come to Nakuru in sackcloth. Fast in preparation. It is the repentance of Nineveh. Even the livestock fasted in sackcloth. The future of this country is in your hands.

The Glory of the Lord Shall Descend: The LORD has already spoken to the prophet saying His glory will descend mightily at the moment the prophet enters the grounds as they are trying to fix the microphone which will have malfunctioned. The mouth of the LORD has spoken. Come and verify these words for yourself. Come early to book a good spot.

Night and Day: The meeting goes on continuously for three days. We live on those grounds for the three days. Young children will be catered for. Carry a warm blanket to cover yourself during the night and a leso to sit on for the weather is dry and the ground dusty. Ladies; carry something to cover your head. Ladies are requested to cover their head while before the LORD.

Water will be provided but you can carry your own.

Healing: All diseases will be healed but not every person may receive healing. The LORD is Sovereign, He does as He pleases. Bring the sick in faith.

Holy Spirit: Pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit when the Glory of the LORD descents, go before the Lord with a heart full of desire for His ministry. No one without the Holy Spirit can be ready for the rapture of the Lord.

Sackcloth: Come in sackcloth. Use only sisal sackcloth. Do not use sacks with drawings and patterns. Only those with simple line design preferably with green lines through the middle. The Lord showed the prophet the type of sackcloth to be used. Do not wear sackcloth outside the meeting ground. Always carry your sackcloth with respect in a paper bag or briefcase. Wear your sackcloth over your normal cloths. Come before the Lord in humility, not as one adorned for worldly business wearing flashy things. It is repentance. Can you show pride to Him before whom you are repenting?

Security: More than two million people are expected, so be wise. There are some among us who will be there to do mischief but there is lots of security. All the same, take great care of your property and your children.

If it Rains: It may rain during the meeting. The Lord has on a number of occasions sent the rain. It is no ordinary rain. It is rain of purification. Receive God’s gift with thanksgiving, praise and honor on your lips. It is such a mighty thing to be in the presence of the Lord.

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